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Red Rook Revolt is a Tabletop RPG about fighting a revolution against oppressive imperialist forces, about support and love from your friends pulling you through impossible odds, and about balancing the corrupting power of your demonic weapons with the need to defeat your enemies and win liberty for your people.

In Red Rook Revolt, you play the heroes of the Red Rook Commune, a free territory in open rebellion against the Imperium Alarum, the Empire of Wings. For its long history of struggle, the Red Rook Commune has enjoyed liberties beyond the rest of the empire. Now, when the emperor seeks to crush it once and for all, people across the empire rally to the commune’s banner, raising their arms in revolt!

Using a bespoke system that emphasizes friendship and camaraderie, the game explores the way your rebels support each other through stress, dark thoughts, and darker times.

Combat emphasizes fluidity and speed, encouraging you to dart in and out of melee. Fighting your enemies at close range is risky, but doing so nets you Dark Power to fuel your gun and your secret talismans. Health pools are low, but with plenty of mobility options and guaranteed damage in melee combat, combat is fast, fluid and dangerous.

So take up your arms! Call up the dark power of your ancestors, and revolt!

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Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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